Meet our teachers

Check out our wonderful teachers at With The Flow, each bringing their own style of movement, their own energy... But all with the same passion, to spread their love and knowledge of yoga and meditation to YOU.


Grew up in the UK

Filming from Hong Kong

"Through a regular yoga practice I am learning the importance of listening to my body, knowing when to push and when to hold back. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Striving each day to apply these lessons to all aspects of my life. Through this community I hope to create a supportive and inclusive space, where people learn to listen, trust and appreciate everything that they already are" 



Grew up in France

Filming from Peniche, Portugal

"I started to practice yoga as I started to work as an osteopath. It was a way for me to unwind any physical tension, but I quickly felt the benefits on my mental and emotional level, which was priceless.  After a few years of very consistent practice, becoming an instructor happened naturally. Every day, working as an osteopath I see different postural issues and injuries, which inspire me into teaching the best classes to avoid injuries and improve students’ posture."


Grew up in the UK

Filming from Sri Lanka

"I came to yoga from a holistic background, having worked as a massage therapist for most of my adult life. I discovered yoga whilst living in New Zealand, starting with Ashtanga, which I practiced diligently for many years. Now, with over 1000 hours of training and years of teaching experience, I really relate to the discipline and subtle meditational elements of Vinyasa Yoga. Concentrating on alignment - whilst encouraging students to find their own path. I also love sharing Yin yoga practices with my students. I now live on the sunny south coast of Sri Lanka, where I run a little company called SPACE, which aims to help empower women through therapies & yoga."


"I still remember so clearly the magical feeling I had after my very first yoga class at sunrise in India, back in 2005. I felt grounded, calm, present, and excited about the day ahead. To this day, whether teaching or practicing, I never fail to be amazed by this feeling and it is a desire to share that with others that led me into teaching. I love sharing all the aspects of yoga that I have brought into my life over the years and helping students to understand that there is no end point in yoga, just an endless process of getting to know yourself. I look forward to practicing with you!"


Grew up in Ireland

Filming from Cambodia


Grew up in Sicily

Filming from Hong Kong

"I was drawn to yoga because of the physical challenge it presents. I started to push myself past the limitations I had always put on myself. I realised that the benefits went way beyond physical strength and skill, but mentally I began to notice changes in myself. I was becoming more resilient and confident. When I teach, I push people past their own ‘limitations’, and I love to see how they begin to benefit from yoga too."



Grew up in Lithuania

Filming from Dresden, Germany

"I used to judge myself and feel very upset with my body. Yoga practice brought peace and gratitude into my life. I learned how to breathe, accept and let go."