Starting Your Yoga Journey

Welcome to this online yoga course for beginners - Starting Your Yoga Journey.


Here is what is included:

- INTRO: Your Yoga Set Up (5 mins)

- CLASS 1: Intro to Breath and Meditation (20 mins)

- CLASS 2: Setting The Foundations (45 mins)

- CLASS 3: Finding Your Vinyasa (45 mins)

- CLASS 4: Discovering Twists (45 mins)

- CLASS 5: Discovering Backbends (45 mins)

- CLASS 6: Hips and Hamstrings (55 mins)

- CLASS 7: Finding Balance (50 mins)

- CLASS 8: Crow and Basic Binds (55 mins)

- CLASS 9: Slowing Down (45 mins)

- CLASS 10: Piecing It All Together (55 mins)

- BONUS: 3x Guided Meditations and Breathwork

- BONUS: 3 Playlists to compliment your practice


Join With The Flow community, and lets flow together...

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