Hello and welcome to With The Flow.

"I grew up in the UK and always had a passion for movement and started my career as a dancer. My work took me to lots of exciting places all over the world. Along the way I found a passion for yoga and soon started to take class wherever I was, finding some really amazing teachers along my journey. I was always so sad when I had to move on to the next place and had to leave their yoga class behind me. Today, many years later and now a yoga teacher myself, I had an idea to create an online space and a community, With The Flow. So I reached out to some of these amazing teachers and friends, from all corners of the world, and together we have created yoga and meditation videos that you can access in the comfort of your own home.

We hope you enjoy moving with us, finding stillness with us and connecting with us, wherever you may be”

-Tara, Yoga Teacher & Founder


Who's it for?

I created With The Flow to inspire your home practice, whether you are new to yoga and meditation, or have been doing it for years. These videos and live classes will help create a sense of community to your practice, and help to inspire and motivate you on your yoga journey. 


How it works